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Beatrice Couture Designs has a very unique wholesale approach! Whether you are a brick and mortar establishment selling wedding veils and accessories to local brides or an Internet business selling bridal headpieces and wedding sashes to brides around the world, we are happy to work with you to bring our couture (hand-made) pieces to your clientele base. Our unique approach is our B5G5 (buy five, get five).

OPENING ORDER OFFER | In order to open a wholesale account there is a minimum purchase requirement of 5 pieces; but instead of getting just 5 wedding accessories at the wholesale prices, you would be receiving 10 items (all of the styles of your choosing). Payment for Opening Orders will be figured on the five highest priced items, and the remaining five items will be sent free-of-charge. Opening orders require payment to accompany the order.

RE-ORDERS FOR WHOLESALE ACCOUNTS | There is no minimum requirements for re-orders. And, if a credit application has been submitted and approved, all re-orders are sent NET/30, otherwise payments must accompany orders. For more information, please contact us. If you are interested in setting up a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT, please fill out the questionnaire below and submit it. We will get back with you very soon. Also, follow us on our blog here!

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In order to establish a Net/30 Account, please request a Credit Application. Once the credit application is processed and approved, all re-orders will be processed and shipped on a Net/30 basis.

Thank you very much for your interest in our B5G5 Wholesale Program.

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